Apartments for families with children

Queen Beach Resort in Nin, is a newly built, suitable apartments for families with children. They are ideal for relaxing and relaxing with small children who can unleash their imagination on the sandy shores in the shallow and warm sea.

These luxury resorts offer superior accommodation with air conditioning and free WiFi. Two bedrooms have access to the terrace where there are tables with umbrellas and chairs.

The kitchens are equipped with complete cooking equipment, an oven, a dishwasher, even a coffee maker. The apartments are well furnished to reduce the need to pack a large amount of luggage. The impressive view of the beautiful sandy beaches complements the whole experience.

These apartments represent the peak of the tourist offer, especially when apartments for families with children are considered. The rooms are equipped with baby cots and pets are allowed so you can go on holiday without worrying about where to leave them. The use of a garden is also available, which will make your pets especially happy.

Distances to major destinations

The apartments are located 20km from Zadar and 47km from Biograd na moru which makes them perfect for an unforgettable vacation.

In the immediate vicinity of the resort is the most famous sandy city beach “ Queen’s Beach ” three kilometres long. On the same beach, there is a special attraction for children, a water park. Also, the centre of Nin is a 10-minute walk from this beach. There is also the famous Nin Saltworks and a museum.

Exact distances from the apartment;

To the pharmacy
To the bus stop
To the ATM
To the gas station
To the centre
To the doctor
To the sea
To the beach
To the post office
To the restaurant
To the sports fields
To the store

Sabunike Beach

Opposite the “Queen’s Beach” there is the beach Sabunike, which is another very quiet place. It is a rocky beach where there are not too many visitors and also stands out for its crystal clear, shallow sea that is suitable for your little ones.

While a typical day off on the beach provides the greatest pleasure, it is worth trying a night swim in the sea at a pleasant temperature. There is also a lookout point on the coast that offers a fantastic view of the other coast.

The beaches in Nin, regardless of which one they decide to go to, are some of the most beautiful in Croatia and even in the world. Due to the winds in the Nin Lagoon, the conditions are ideal for activities such as surfing and kite flying.

All beaches are ambiently decorated with all the necessary facilities from wooden paths to reed umbrellas. There are also wooden changing areas on the beaches. The beaches are equipped with public lighting and parking spaces are available nearby.

Queen Beach Resort is a great destination for a family vacation with a lot of pet-friendly hotels. Apartments for families with children in a quiet historic town with equally quiet beaches are located among all major tourist attractions. In a short time, you can reach all the attractive locations without difficulty.

The town of Nin is the oldest Croatian royal town, which is full of sights such as numerous churches. Church of St. The cross is the most recognizable and represents a certain symbol of the city.

Rare flora and fauna, healing mud and a special delicacy of Nin chocolate are just a part of the rich tourist offer. Important tourist destinations, Krka National Park and Kornati National Park are also within easy reach.

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