Beaches in Nin

The beaches in Nin are one of the trademarks of that city and are among the most beautiful in Croatia and even in the world. With excellent sea quality, these beaches are a unique attraction during the season.

The total length of Nin beaches is as much as 8000 meters. The unique landscape of rare plant and animal species, the view of the mountains and the healing mud are just a part of the impressive picture of the beach in Nin.

The survival of the city of Nin and its shores is based on salt production. This tradition dates back to antiquity. Thanks to its geographical position and sunny days, the city still survives today. The special feature of this salt is the increased concentration of natural iodine that comes from the algae Petula, which, in addition to seasoning food, also improves health.

Salt fields are an opportunity to get acquainted with the natural ways in which this special salt is obtained and to bring special different types of salt with you.

Queen’s Beach

The longest and most famous beach is “Kraljičina plaža” which is as long as 3 kilometres. It is interesting that in order to reach this beach, on the way to it you need to cross a ten-meter long shoal. Near the beach, there are parking spaces.

There is a legend next to this beach, related to the wife of the first Croatian king Tomislav. She was reportedly attracted by the special beauty of this beach so the royal family visited this beach very often. This is how the name of the famous beach came about.

Among other gifts of nature, near this beach, there is healing mud. Its effectiveness has been tested by tens of thousands of people. It has been used for four decades to treat rheumatic diseases, spinal deformities and skin diseases.

Therapy is usually carried out over ten to twenty days. It includes mud coating, then sunbathing and rinsing in the warm sea.

After being completely destroyed in the flood of 2017, Ždrijac beach was reopened to all guests. The town of Nin has equipped the beach with all the necessary facilities and facilities. Particular care was taken to ensure that all human influence adapted as much as possible to the environment of the sandy lagoon. The road to the beach has been arranged, lighting has been installed and parking is available.

Located northeast of the old town, with its location, shape and windiness, this beach in Nin provides excellent conditions for kitesurfing and windsurfing. Two surf schools are also open on the beach.

We should also mention other beautiful beaches such as Prodorica and Bilotinjka.

Fauna and flora of the beach in Nin

In the Nin lagoon, there are many rare and endemic plant species whose life is conditioned by a high level of water salinity. Some of the species are prickly pear, leathery powdery mildew, meadow cleft, marsh onion, Persian clover and others.

About 250 bird species inhabit this area despite extreme living conditions due to the salinity of the water, numerous salt pans and specific plant species. The most famous is the Little Egret, the Aquarius, the Sea Sandpiper and the indigenous noblewoman.

The seabed is a habitat for the fish that, despite adapting to extremely salty water, can live in freshwater. A special example of adaptation is the saltwater shrimp. Its eggs have a membrane that protects them from drying out, so even after long exposure to the sun, shrimp can hatch from the eggs.

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