Excursions from Zadar

Excursions from Zadar can therefore be organized very easily and in case you get tired, you can quickly return to the resort.

In case you are staying in Queen Beach Resort apartments, you are lucky because, in addition to the rich tourist content, there are many islands nearby.

Above all, it is very easy to get to the island of Vir and the island of Pag where during the tourist season there are many events.

In the vicinity of Zadar alone, there are already about 14 striking islands with beautiful beaches.

For this reason, if you decide to spend your vacation in Queen Beach apartments you will certainly not be bored.

Excursions from Zadar to nearby islands

One of the nearby islands connected by a bridge to the mainland is the island of Vir.

There you can enjoy many activities such as the Aquapark, diving, hunting, fishing and all the way to the bike and trekking trails.

You can also go on organized boat trips from the island of Vir to the surrounding national parks such as Paklenica National Park or Krka National Park .

In addition, it is important to mention the island of Pag, which offers even richer tourist content.

From climbing, sailing, wine tours there are various off-road excursions. It is also possible to go on speedboat trips or panoramic flights.

A popular destination on the island of Pag is Zrce, which in addition to being one of the most beautiful beaches is also a popular destination for young people.

Another of the islands connected by a bridge is Pašman. The special feature of this island is the extremely clear sea that surrounds it and a number of small islands.

In addition, it has a rich cultural heritage where you can see traces of life from ancient times.

Excursions from Zadar can have fun and educational purposes because the area is surrounded by national parks and rich cultural heritage.

Boat trips

Excursions from Zadar by boat allow quick arrival to popular tourist destinations such as national parks.

For example, there are organized tours even to the Plitvice Lakes National Park.

In addition, you can go on half-day or full-day sailing trips or tour the country estates.

In any case, do not miss trips with a top gastronomic offer where you can try many specialities in these areas.

In case you decide to go a little further from Zadar County, you can also visit the place where the Game of Thrones was filmed.

Take the opportunity for unforgettable and educational trips from Zadar with the guidance of professional tourist guides.

Also, don’t forget the small nearby islands that surround Zadar County.

These are the island of Iz, the island of Sestrunj, the island of Rivanj and others. In addition, Dugi Otok and the island of Ugljan are in between.

The island of Ugljan is also the closest island of the Zadar archipelago, right across from the city of Zadar.

The speciality of this island is the richness of Mediterranean vegetation, especially olives, figs and vines.

For this reason, this island was nicknamed the ‘green island’ and Many people get married there, although others choose to celebrate their wedding in a Marbella location.

Dugi Otok got its name because of its characteristic appearance. It houses the Telašćica National Park, Kornati and a small and small lake.
On almost every one of these islands, there is a population with a special tradition.

In these areas, it is possible to see everything from special ways of construction, cultural heritage to the traditional dishes of this area.

For this reason, Excursions from Zadar are an unavoidable part of your vacation in case you are staying in Queen Beach apartments.

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