Exhibitions in Zadar

In case you spend your summer near this city, these exhibitions in Zadar will complete your vacation. Along with many famous Croatian sculptors and painters, there will also be exhibitions of world-famous artists. In addition to art exhibitions, you can also see the archaeological ones that were set up with the help of our archaeologists and restorers.

If you are staying in Queen Beach Resort apartments, events like this will be at your fingertips. To get to these destinations, you will only need a ten-minute drive or something more in case you are going by bus. For this reason, do not miss the opportunity to meet live with valuable and famous works of famous artists.

Art exhibitions

Throughout the season you can see an amazing exhibition of one of the greatest representatives of Surrealism, the famous Salvador Dali. The exhibition includes about 200 of the most famous graphic sheets, tapestries, sculptures and other objects. And you can even see the famous Dali sofa. This exhibition will give you a true picture of the world of this artist. The works are a selection from his opuses from the Divine Comedy and the Biblia Sacra, then Horses and the complete maps of the Three-Sided Hat and Edades de la Vida.

Do not forget the Museum of Ancient Glass, where you can see sculptures by Croatian sculptor Petar Hranuelli. His works are mostly related to Brač and most often depict human figures. In addition to Petar Hranuelli, works by a Czech artist will also be on display.

Petr Stacho is an artist who became famous back in the early 90s with his amazing glass sculptures. All of these shows will be open throughout the season, so no matter what time you come, you certainly won’t miss them.

Archaeological Exhibitions in Zadar

Exhibitions in Zadar are not only for art lovers but also for history lovers. Do not miss the opportunity to see a collection of war and hunting weapons and accessories from the Istrian collector. You will also hear stories about Napoleon and the Ottoman, Habsburg and Venetian times.

The exhibition will feature more than 250 exhibits from the 15th to the 19th century. In addition, there is an exhibition of archaeological remains from a shipwreck from the 17th century in the church of St. Nicholas. However, this exhibition will not be open throughout the season, so we advise you to hurry.

Also in the church of St. Donat, you can see another interesting archaeological exhibition. These are two prehistoric treasuries of Portugal, namely the archaeological sites of Côa and Lagar Velho. Twenty years ago, the skeleton of a 29,000-year-old boy was found there, which also became a national symbol.

By no means miss the opportunity to see such archaeological remains live. This is an unforgettable insight into our history and evolution and at the same time an educational trip. If you have already decided to visit Zadar, do not forget about the Zadar ramparts. Take the opportunity to visit them with a professional tourist guide who can explain the history of this building in detail.

Its purpose was primarily a defence mechanism, which is obvious. The importance of these ramparts is evidenced by the fact that it is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. One of these buildings is the Fortress, but it is located a little further, in Šibenik-Knin County. In addition to these events, there are many more in the area. The whole of Dalmatia is full of life during the season. So wherever you go, you will find interesting events.

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