Family vacation in Croatia

Although our beautiful country offers rich and diverse content, especially when it comes to tourism, a family vacation in Croatia takes a little more time to organize.

In addition to the desired vacation spot, it is necessary to find a suitable beach for babies and young children and in addition, suitable accommodation.

Above all, it is most difficult to find suitable accommodation in the right place. For this reason, Queen Beach offers apartments that are adapted to a family vacation.

At only 40m from the beach, these newly built apartments will definitely complete your family vacation in Croatia. Combined with direct access to the terrace you will be able to enjoy the view of the beautiful sandy beach.

Surveillance parking is available at the resort, free WiFi is provided and rooms are equipped with air conditioning and TVs.

In addition, all kitchens are fully equipped and even have a coffee maker and microwave.

Beaches for family vacations

From the view from the apartment, it is already possible to see one of the beautiful sandy beaches. Queen’s Beach, as the name of the apartment reads, is one of the biggest attractions in the area.

Warm sea and easy access to the beach is suitable for the elderly and people with disabilities. At the same time, due to the long shallows, this beach is perfect for small children.

In addition to the above, there are several other beautiful beaches that are very close to the apartment, for example, Ždrijac beach or Sabunike. Sabunike beach also has an accessible lookout point where it is possible to see unforgettable sunsets.

On the other hand, Ždrijac beach is interesting because of its unusual position and shape. For this reason, a lot has been invested in the past year in order to arrange and equip the necessary facilities.

All beaches are adequately equipped and offer a variety of facilities such as surfing, kite flying or beach volleyball. It is possible to use deck chairs, showers, parking spaces are available and there is also a bar.

Attractions near the apartment

If you want your family vacation in Croatia to be educational at the same time, there are several national parks nearby.

For example, Paklenica National Park, Krka National Park , and Telašćica Nature Park. In addition to educational trails and adult content such as cycling and guided tours, workshops for children and young people are also organized.

Let’s not forget to mention the town of Nin, which in itself has a rich cultural heritage. In addition to the museum of Nin antiquities, there is also a museum within the Nin saltworks.

The Nin Saltworks is also one of the special attractions as it offers an insight into traditional, environmentally friendly salt production. In case you arrive at the right time, you will be able to try picking the famous salt flower yourself.

At only 17 kilometres away is the ancient city of Zadar, which is about three thousand years old and therefore offers an insight into different times and cultures throughout history.

In addition to historic buildings, another unique architectural achievement is the sea organ. This original blend of architecture and music is located on the western part of Zadar’s waterfront.

In addition, you can arrange a tour of the many islands and islets in the immediate vicinity of the apartment.

Ultimately, it can easily be concluded that the Queen Beach apartments were built in a really convenient place for a complete family vacation.

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