Festival of sun and light

As every year so far, so this year on the first day of summer, or 21.06. an educationally innovative project called the Festival of the Sun and Light was held.

The project itself is organized by the Tourist Board of the city of Nin, which in addition to numerous activities and events allows visitors to easily find accommodation.

In fact, one of perhaps the most ideal accommodations in that part is the Queen Beach Resort located very close to the city. A beautiful place for vacation from which you can visit all the important locations of the Nin area while enjoying top accommodation and vacation.

Festival tradition

Namely, this festival has been held for many years. The first festival of sun and light was held in 2009 in the church of St. Krža, and it is still held there today.

So this year the 11th Festival of Sun and Light was held.

Namely, for the church of Sv. The Cross is said to be the smallest cathedral in the world. In fact, the name was given to her by Thomas Jackson.

In fact, on the other hand, many people compare this church to Stonehenge.

This event is as unique as this church is called the smallest cathedral. And we must not forget that the church of St. The cross has great astronomical and architectural significance.

The very appearance of the building with a circular floor plan and with a dome that has some special features. One of the interesting things is that the church has an oval opening on each side.

In fact, the church itself was built in such a position, but also with such a specific shape for one unique reason. The church of St. The cross once served as a sundial.

That is why this is an extremely interesting experience for children and adults who can watch the play of light and shadow. In fact, this is one unique festival that each year has more and more visitors enjoying all that it has to offer.

Also, there are numerous workshops, interesting lectures that can be instructive for all visitors. But we must not forget that you primarily come here to have fun and learn something new.

Festival of Sun and Light – Program

The very greeting to summer or the festival of sun and light is held on June 11, for the summer solstice itself when the day is longest.

It is interesting that the festival itself is filled with numerous programs and something interesting can be found for everyone.

On the one hand, there are numerous workshops for children who adore them but also adults. Various photo exhibitions can also be found here.

And for all those who are eager to learn something new, you can find numerous scientific and professional lectures.

Also what is perhaps most interesting to everyone is the observation of sunlight and telescopic views of the moon and stars. Especially to children who enjoy the view.

Since World Music Day is also celebrated on the same day, the evening is reserved for music. Namely, the evening brings an interesting music program that everyone can enjoy,

Given all of the above, this festival is an ideal blend of all of the above. Namely, the first day of summer is celebrated when the day is the longest, but also the World Music Day.

All in all, the festival is a great choice for anyone who wants to learn something new, spend an interesting day with their family and enjoy good music and company in the evening.

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