Gastro offer of the city of Zadar

The gastronomic offer of the city of Zadar abounds in a rich offer. With the gastronomic offer of the city of Zadar, it is extremely important to mention that this area abounds in beautiful beaches and beautiful accommodation facilities.
In the vicinity of Zadar, there is a Queen Beach resort where you can find many accommodation facilities. From which it is possible to explore the numerous Zadar gastronomic offer.

And now, the food. If we are going to look at dishes whose name is associated with Zadar itself, then the Zadar cake with orange is definitely the winner. Namely, it is the only dish that is associated with this area by name.

Regardless of the fact that there are not many dishes associated with Zadar by name, it is actually just one dish. More precisely a dessert. But the area is extremely rich in dishes from the surrounding area.

In fact, the gastronomic offer of the city of Zadar lies in the fact that the environment is rich in dishes. The area itself is rich in various seafood, but also in various fruits of the earth that adorn this area.

We can mention that vegetable growing is developed in the coastal area, the sea of ​​the Zadar archipelago is rich in white but primarily bluefish. Also, the area of ​​Ravni Kotar abounds in beautiful vineyards and olive groves.

We must not forget to mention that this area is rich in medicinal herbs, mushrooms.

What do the people of Zadar eat?

The gastronomic offer of the city of Zadar in an instant variant includes several groceries. You should definitely list the bluefish. Because it is something inevitable if you are visiting this area. No matter how it is saved but it is something that must be tried.

After that, lamb should also be mentioned. For all those who are not really fans of bluefish. Lamb is something that must be tried in this area. The main specificity of lamb in this area is that it is raised in a special way. Feeding on pasture food that is rich in various plants that are specific to this area.

The most delicious and most specific is Pag lamb. For which the world’s gastronomes consider one of the highest quality.

Last but not least are the shrimp. Many people do not know that the Zadar area was rich in this expensive speciality. Literally, until about thirty years ago they could be bought at the market at an affordable price.

And of course, after great food, I guess to sweeten up. Namely, Zadar cake has its own tradition that is longer than two centuries.

Indispensable dishes

Some of the dishes that are indispensable to try if you happen to be in this area are Pag cheese, which is indispensable with a good drop. There are also Pag curds, Novigrad mussels, Biograd mussels and many other dishes that are specific to this area.

All these dishes eventually entered the special gastronomic offer of this area, as indispensable. Throughout history, these dishes have been used in households and today are the specialities of Zadar’s restaurants and taverns.

Given all the above, I believe that this area is ideal for all lovers of good spice, beautiful pages. Surely everyone who is a fan of traditional food and top specialities, of which there are countless, must visit this area.

This area certainly provides one of the most memorable vacations that is interesting to everyone. Young people who love the sea, the sun, fun and food and also older people who are more oriented to rest and food will love this part.

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