Gastronomic offer of the city of Nin

The gastronomic offer of the city of Nin will certainly not leave visitors disappointed.

Along with the beautiful sandy beaches, the traditional cuisine of this area is what many visitors keep coming back to this area.

First of all, the town of Nin itself, as well as its surroundings, have numerous restaurants and taverns that serve fresh food from the clear Adriatic Sea.

In addition to various fish, octopuses, shellfish and other seafood, the offer will also feature traditional meat specialities.

But even for those who do not eat meat, a vegetarian or vegan menu can be found very easily.

In case you are staying in Queen Beach Resort apartments, such destinations will be at your fingertips.

With an easy walk, you can quickly reach various restaurants offering freshly caught fish, shellfish, octopus or squid.

Famous dishes of the Croatian coast

First of all, don’t miss the opportunity to try the black risotto. The special black colour is given by the cuttlefish black, which also contributes to the specific taste of this dish.

Brudet is another interesting dish of this area. It is a thick soup of fish and other seafood.

Then Sporki macaroni, which is made from traditional homemade pasta and served with beef.

We can’t forget to mention the famous prosciutto. First of all, it is one of the trademarks of Croatia itself.

It is prepared by drying pork on the blows of a barrel for periods of one year, then it can be cut into thin slices and eaten as such.

It is also worth trying the many freshly caught shellfish. Due to the fact that the sea in this area is extremely clean, all seafood is of top quality.

The first dish that enjoys the status of cultural heritage in Croatia is soparnik. These are thin layers of dough between which chard, parsley and garlic are usually placed.

Although it sounds very simple, it creates a unique combination of flavours that makes this dish so famous.

Don’t forget to taste Pag cheese and Pag lamb. Of the meat dishes, it is also important to point out the pasticada.

It is marinated beef that is stuffed with carrots and bacon and cooked for a long time. The preparation of this speciality can take up to three days.

Nin Šokol

The gastronomic offer of the city of Nin has one speciality that is characteristic of this area.

Nin Šokol is a special dish characteristic of that city and surrounding places. It has been prepared since the 17th century.

It is, above all, a cured meat product obtained from pork neck meat. It is prepared similarly to prosciutto, but it is additionally seasoned.

It is then placed in a wrapper, tied with twine and dried. Drying is a long-term process that, in addition to drying in smoke, also includes drying in wind or storm.

The interesting thing about this dish is that each chocolate is different. It is influenced by everything from the different processing of meat to the wind that reached it.

Don’t miss the event that marks this special dish. So, this is the Nin Šokol Festival.

There you can, in addition to trying out various schools, also see how they are prepared. The competition ends in July when the best schoolchildren are selected.

The gastronomic offer of the city of Nin in addition to chocolate also offers many other delicacies. For this reason, if you are in Zadar County , don’t miss these events.

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