Nin Lagoon

Nin Lagoon is a beach created for all lovers of sandy beaches. Shallow, warm sea … Is there anything else to say? If you’ve ever thought of a place where the whole family could have fun, whether it’s adults or the youngest ones, then Queen’s Beach is as made for you.

It is not only the sand and the temperature of the sea that attracts many to this place but also the view of Velebit.

It is really a special feeling to watch Velebit while sitting on the beach. On the one hand, you are in a gentle environment, and on the other hand, you are looking towards an impressive mountain that evokes respect.

Velebit Mountain

Velebit is the fourth mountain in Croatia that stretches along the Velebit Channel. The whole area is protected as a nature park.

All lovers of natural resources will head to this part of Croatia to explore Paklenica and Northern Velebit.

The protected reserve Hajdučki and Rožanski kukovi are located right inside the Northern Velebit National Park. But we will take that natural beauty another time.

For hikers, but also those who want to take a break from the sea and the beautiful surroundings of Nin and Zadar, there are many marked roads on Velebit.

Thanks to the marked trails, mountain lodges and surrounding places are connected. Premužić’s trail, which passes through the Northern and Middle Velebit, and connects the Zavižan Mountain Lodge with the Oštarije Gate via Veliki Alan, should be highlighted.

Queen’s Beach

Nin Lagoon is also known as Queen’s Beach or Queens beach. It is 3 km long and has one of the most beautiful views.

It is an ideal place for everyone who wants a quiet holiday, and most of all for families with small children. One of the advantages of this sandy oasis is that it has a healing role.

Did you know that in Nin, next to the Queen’s Beach, there is a healing peloid mud?

Peloid has been known as a natural remedy used to treat many ailments for many years. It helps in the treatment of many skin diseases such as psoriasis.

We should not forget about female infertility, problems with the locomotor system, spinal deformities and rheumatic diseases.

Did you know that there are 6 nature habitats near the famous beach? It is in this place that there are 4 endemic and 3 rare plants.

In addition to them, there are also birds that love wetlands, which is why the surroundings of Nin are especially attractive to nature lovers.

The Bird is considered a trademark of the famous lagoon. Before the onset of winter, these beautiful birds leave for warmer seas and return in March. They nest near the Nin Saltworks.

Nin Lagoon

There is a lot of accompanying content on the beach. So all visitors have the opportunity to use changing cabins, rent umbrellas or deck chairs.

You can also enjoy a rich offer of Dalmatian specialities thanks to the diverse offer of restaurants, but also bars where you can enjoy coffee or some other beverage.

Why choose Nin

Whether you are a fan of interesting history as well as a variety of sights, such as the statue of Bishop Gregory of Nin, you will be delighted by the rich pond of the city of Nin.

Nin is considered one of the oldest cities on the Mediterranean coast. It is known for its many sights, such as the small church of St. Cross and of course the beautiful shallow and sandy lagoon.

Delicious dish Nin chocolate, the famous Nin salt and rare fauna, are just one of the reasons why this place is visited by more and more tourists every year. In the end, you can conclude that this is a location where everyone can find entertainment.

Whether you are a fan of lounging on the beach all day, or you may be a person who loves an active vacation, it is clear that you have chosen the right place to relax.

Due to its unique location, which is the proximity of Nin and Zadar, Queens beach or Nin lagoon, it is one of the most popular destinations for either spring holidays or summer vacation.

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