Nin Šokol Festival

Nin Šokol Festival is a special event that celebrates this traditional dish of the same name. If you have decided to spend the summer at the Oueen Beach Resort, you have come at the right time to taste Nin Šokol.

The city of Nin has something for every visitor. From beautiful sandy beaches, cultural and historical heritage to numerous events. In this area, you can have a real peaceful, family or educational vacation and enjoy the preserved nature and clean sea. In addition to Šokol, you will find a number of other specialities at nearby restaurants and taverns.

Because the city of Nin is surrounded by national parks, you can be sure that you will eat healthy and fresh food from the clear sea. In addition to seafood, the inhabitants of this area are also skilled in processing pork, beef and even mutton. Therefore, prepare for July 21, because then you will finally have the opportunity to participate in one of the 100 most important Croatian events.

What is Nin Šokol?

What is Nin Šokol? It is a lump of traditional dried meat that is prepared similarly to prosciutto. The main difference between šokol and prosciutto is that šokol is coated with various spices. First of all, the pork neck meat is left to lie in salt for 3 to 7 days, then it is put in mulled red wine.

After that, they are coated with spices such as pepper, cloves and nutmeg, and the mixture of spices is the secret of every family. The šokol is first dried in smoke and then placed to dry in an airy room where it will be exposed to the blows of the bora.

This delicacy dries for months and sometimes even up to a year. In addition to the right mixture of spices, the quality of Nin Šokol is also determined by the wind, ie the bora that blows in the winter months. So by no means miss the opportunity to try at least some of them, each of which is a family secret.

When does the Nin Šokol Festival start?

Nin Šokol Festival begins at the start of the year when competitors apply and are awarded meat for preparation. Due to the fact that the preparation process takes a very long time, competitors need several months to prepare the meat. After that, the best pieces of meat are selected in July. As a tourist, it is best to visit this event in July.

In addition to the šokol festival, in the summer months, you can participate in numerous events and traditions of this small place. For example, the days of the patron saint of the city of Nin, St. Marcela and St. Anselm held on 25 and 26 August. Then the festival of sun and light in the church of St. Križa is called the smallest cathedral in the world. This small church also has an important architectural significance and is a true example of a pre-Romanesque building.

By no means omit the open days in the Nin saltworks in July and the salt festival in August. To cheer up your little ones, by no means miss the Sand Festival on August 18th. It is held on Queen’s Beach and Ždrijac Beach and shows a unique exhibition of various sand sculptures.

Wherever you go in this area, you can’t be bored. The town of Nin is surrounded by numerous islands that also have their own special history and tradition. Nin itself has a rich cultural heritage and tradition and beautiful beaches and many endemic and rare species. To get an insight into the history of this city, visit the museum where you will have the opportunity to see amazing archaeological excavations.


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