Olive Days in Zadar

As every year, the traditional 21st International Olive Days event was held in Zadar.

Chemical analysis is performed on the submitted samples. Chemical analysis of oil determines the chemical indicator of oil quality. In fact, this includes the percentage of free fatty acids, the peroxide number, and an ultraviolet analysis is still being done to determine three factors.

At the same time, these five items make up five indicators of the quality of olive oil. This event attracts an increasing number of participants and visitors every year.

Therefore, many visitors will decide to visit other places in Zadar County. Certainly, an indispensable place to visit is the town of Nin and the beautiful Queen’s Beach. There is also beautifully decorated accommodation for all visitors. Popular Queen Beach Resort.

Olive Days in Zadar include the evaluation of olive oils in two categories: the category of open oils and the category of packaging.

Olive Days in Zadar and tradition

In Zadar County, the tradition of olive growing and oil production is almost two millennia old. In fact, since the time of the Romans and Liburnians.

As a testimony to this long tradition, we can say that some of the oldest olive trees are located in Zadar County.

The largest number of millennial olives are located on the island of Pag and the island of Ugljan. Actually. The oldest olive tree is located on the island of Pag, which is over 1600 years old. Namely, it is interesting that the word here is in wild olives. Olives that created an olive grove themselves.

The olive oil obtained in this area is considered to be one of the best and highest quality olive oils in the world.

Thus, we can conclude that the potential of olive growing is extremely large. Therefore, in recent years, Zadar County has begun to invest additional funds in agriculture and olive growing.

Medicinal properties of olive oil

The healing properties of olive oil, have long been known. The first traces of olive cultivation are recorded in the area of ​​Central Asia 4000 BC.

Numerous legends and records are also associated with olive oil. Even during the Panathenaic Games in ancient Greece, the winners received amphorae with olive oil.

In many nations, it was considered a sacred oil and a symbol of health. Even Hippocrates himself prescribed it for more than 60 different diseases.

It also served as a means of payment in the past. Te was one of the main sources of income.

Nowadays, many healing properties of olive oil are known. Recent research has shown that olive oil and the oleic acid it contains can lower blood pressure.
In fact, if we look at the statistics, people living in the Mediterranean have the lowest percentage of cardiovascular disease.

Also, the anti-inflammatory property that olive oil has is known. And that is exactly what polyphenols are responsible for. These are compounds that have an anti-inflammatory effect.

In fact, olive oil also promotes the improvement of the digestive system, preserves bone health, contributes to the clarity of the mind, protects against cancer, preserves hair health and at the same time contributes to the youthful appearance of the skin.

In fact, a lot of people in these summer months use olive oil for sunbathing as well. Especially the elderly, who note that it is the healthiest for the skin. This is why so many couples who want to get married in the Mediterranean area are so tanned. This can be seen in the number of weddings with brunettes that have their wedding venue in Marbella.

Therefore, the Olive Days in Zadar are imposed as something worth visiting. Get acquainted with the offer of olive oils in this area. And after that and enjoy the consumption and healing properties of the same.

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