Pag cheese and lamb

Why are Pag cheese and lamb special? Each area has its own specialities, so in this area, there is a special Pag cheese and lamb.

All the world’s great gourmets have rated these products as top quality. The fact that the name Pag lamb is protected in Croatia and in the European Union testifies to this peculiarity.

If you want to enjoy this area, beautiful environment and even better food, you must definitely visit this area. Also nearby is Nin, Zadar, all these larger places. There is also a Queen Beach resort that provides excellent accommodation.

Also, if young people want to visit this area, they should definitely, because there is a great place to spend time, the popular Zrće.

Pag cheese

Pag cheese is the highest quality and most appreciated cheese in Croatia, produced from the milk of Pag sheep. Sheep from which milk is taken to make cheese are special. As the Pag vegetation is very scarce but on the other hand extremely special because it is rich in medicinal plants. Also during the winter, the bora carries the salt that the sheep eat.

Thus all this comes into their body and eventually into the milk. So far, the Pag cheese factory has won several medals for its Pag cheese. And the most important is San Sebastian and Super Gold.

There are two types of Pag cheese. One is young cheese and the other is old Pag cheese. The main difference between these two kinds of cheese is in the ripening time.

Pag lamb

Pag cheese factory is one of the main breeders of Pag sheep. Their flock numbers nearly 3,000 sheep. In fact, the Pag cheese factory is engaged in the production of sheepmeat and lamb in addition to cheese production. Of course, because the two are closely related.

If by any chance the road takes you to Pag, you must definitely visit the Pag cheese factory where you can taste and buy Pag lamb with Pag cheese.

Also, it is important to note that the name Pag lamb is protected. Namely, in 2015, the Decision on the transitional national protection of the name “Pag lamb” was passed, which gave it the status of a protected designation of origin.

In the same year, the ministry sent a request to the European Commission for the registration of the name of protected origin. After all the necessary procedures, the name “Pag lamb” is entered into the register.

Why are the Pag sheep so specific? It is an autochthonous, protected breed and its breeding is based only on the island of Pag. Also, sheep due to the mild climate spend time outdoors with lambs.

All this exposure of sheep to the sun, bora, unpolluted pastures affects the quality of meat and milk. Pag’s pastures are also rich in medicinal herbs and various aromatic herbs that sheep eat.

This food itself gives a specific taste to the meat.

Pag lamb meat is consumed exclusively cooked. In addition, the specific taste is given by the fact that the lambs are fed sheep’s milk. The same sheep that eat all those herbs and aromatic herbs.

In any case, Pag cheese and lamb are recognizable features of Croatia, and as such attract many tourists to this area. Whether you are a gourmet or not, this is something that cannot be bypassed. But of course, that is not the only thing that adorns this area.

Therefore, all visitors to this area will not be deprived of great adventures, beautiful beaches but certainly will not stay hungry.

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