Queen’s beach in Nin

The beaches in Nin are the main characteristic of the city itself and also, one of the most beautiful in Croatia and even in the world. For example, Queen’s Beach in Nin is obviously the most striking.

While swimming in the clean and warm sea with an unforgettable view of the Velebit mountain, it is difficult to remain indifferent. While the total length of all beaches extends through 8 kilometres, 3 kilometres of that length is occupied only by Queen’s Beach.

The special feature of this beach is the shallow and warm sea, which primarily attracts families with small children. The sandy beach provides easy access for the elderly and disabled. At the same time, it allows children endless fun for the reason that wet sand is great for shaping.

Queen’s Beach in Nin; tourist attractions

Kraljičina plaža u Ninu

Near the beach, there are excellent family accommodations from which the Queen Beach Resort stands out. These are newly built apartments, also mostly for families with children.

Queen’s Beach in Nin is one of the unavoidable locations for a family vacation because it offers a variety of content. In addition to the Aqua Park, thanks to the lagoon winds, it is possible to try kayaking or surfing.

Within the beach, it is possible to use showers, pedal boats and deck chairs for a fee. There is also a bar and beach volleyball courts nearby. It is also important to mention the availability of parking spaces.

This sandy beach also carries a legend with it, related to the wife of the first Croatian king Tomislav. According to the legend, she was attracted by the special beauty of this beach, so the royal family spent time there every time they visited the town of Nin. For that reason, this famous beach was given this characteristic name.

In addition, another interesting fact is that to get to the beach itself, you have to cross a ten-meter long shoal. After that, that sandy beach stretches for a few hundred meters. In case Queen Beach apartments by the sea Nin is your holiday destination, Queen’s Beach in Nin will be only 40 meters away from you. Therefore, in the evening you can relax in easy walks along the coast, one step closer to the resort.

Health tourism

In the immediate vicinity there is also the famous medicinal mud, Peloid . It is primarily used to treat rheumatic diseases, spinal deformities and various skin diseases. However, some additionally attribute to him the merits in the fight against cellulite.

According to the instructions, before going for a bath, you should smear yourself with mud and spend some time in the sun to dry the mud. Then you can relax without worries and enjoy the clear water of the lagoon.

queen's beach nin

To get the best result, the most important thing is to carry out the therapy every day for ten days or more. The effectiveness of this healing mud has been, above all, tested by tens of thousands of people over four decades.

An experience you should definitely not miss is the unforgettable sunsets. In case you want an even better experience, a little further from the Queen, there is the beach Sabunike. There it is possible to access the lookout.

It is also one of the famous beaches in Nin with shallow and clear sea, but it is not sandy but located on rocky ground.

Ultimately, all beaches in Nin are specific, but The Queen, however, eventually prevails, mostly because of her size and position.

The perfect place for families with children

Due to the long shoal, Queen’s Beach in Nin is a great attraction for families with small children. Warm sea and unlimited amounts of sand are all that your little ones hope for when they go on holiday.

Every year, a sand festival is organized in August, so your youngest will have the opportunity to participate in the competition for the best sand sculpture. In addition to children, the competition is open to adult artists who have preserved children’s view of the world.


The competition is led by a sculptor, so in addition to entertainment, this festival brings with it a useful experience for those who practice or want to pursue art. As this destination is recognized as great for a family vacation, the tourist board has made an effort to offer much more than just fun in the sand.

The aquapark is also one of the attractions that are extremely popular among the younger generations. For those a little older there is also Jet-Ski, pedal boats, surfing and paragliding. There is no restaurant on the beach yet, but there is a cafe bar and a wide range of fast food such as boiled corn, ice cream, french fries, burgers and the like, which will surely delight children.

Most of the accommodation nearby has also adapted to this type of tourism, so it is very easy to find accommodation with children’s rooms or baby cots. Queen Beach Apartments also offer this type of accommodation, in close proximity to this attractive beach.

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