Velebit Nature Park

If you are lucky enough to visit the Velebit Nature Park during clear weather, you will get the whole picture.

Velebit Nature Park is one of the most important habitats of various plant and animal species.

In addition, do not forget about the Velebit historical roads, shepherd’s apartments and other parts of the cultural heritage.

The whole area is of great importance for our history because of the epigraphic monument from the 1st to the 4th century, the so-called ‘Written Stone’.

The entire tourist offer is very interesting and it is best to visit this place during the warmer months.

In addition to hiking, you can also try rafting and canoeing. There are also bike paths within the complex.

Tourist offer

Your first destination will surely be Cerovac Caves. There you will see one of the most important speleological objects in Croatia.

The whole complex consists of a total of 3 caves called Donja, Srednja and Gornja in which over 7 km of canals have been explored.

As for the tourist visit, a total of 700m of the Lower and Upper Caves is provided but enough to see the archaeological remains.

After that, you should definitely visit Zavratnica Bay. It is a submerged torrent valley, which has a beautiful landscape.

It was formed in the Cretaceous strata from which numerous sipari were formed (loose soil formed by crushing rocks, accumulated or deposited at the foot of hills).

But they were stopped by numerous sub-walls and the planting of trees and low vegetation.

Within Zavratnica, a total of 129 plant species have been counted, of which 100 are autochthonous.

Velebit Nature Park has 4 educational trails. These are Terezijana, Kudin most, Starigrad Senjski – Donja Klada and Zavratnica.

The biggest challenge is the trail Starigrad Senjski – Donja Klada because it stretches over 10 km.

Therefore, we do not recommend this trail for those who are not used to such excursions.

For the best experience, perhaps even the most suitable are bike paths that really provide a complete experience of forests and karst phenomena.

In addition, you can try hiking, climbing, rafting and canoeing.

Velebit Nature Park – natural and cultural heritage

As for the natural heritage of this nature park, it is primarily characterized by great diversity.

Aquatic habitats are extremely sensitive and they are not inhabited by fish but only small organisms.

The underworld, on the other hand, is a completely different world. There live many animals characterized by a lack of pigment.

In addition to bats, there are also gardens such as the Velebit leech and various mites, snails and spiders.

On the surface, more precisely the rocky area, despite its desolate appearance, there is also a habitat for many creatures such as chamois.

One of the most famous plants growing in this area is the Velebit degenia.

Climbing to the top, you will find a number of other interesting species, so we recommend a walk through the educational trails to know how to recognize them.

As a recognizable monument of cultural heritage is the Written Stone, which speaks of living conditions and resources at that time.

It is an inscription in Latin on a large, broken rock that speaks of an agreement between the borders of the communities of Parentina and Orthoplina.

According to the inscription, the Orthoplins were allowed access to a water source located on the territory of the Parentino.

The mentioned source mentioned in the inscription is today’s source Voda Begovača.

Through this nature park you can see numerous evidences of life through history.

The paths can easily reach all the ruins of stone apartments for people and livestock, oysters and other buildings.

This is the perfect place for all lovers of history, nature and even sports.

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