Wines of Zadar County

Zadar County wines will, above all, delight lovers of quality wines. Even those who are not special wine lovers will surely be delighted by these works of diligent Zadar winemakers.

The speciality of these wines is given by completely natural ingredients, which you can see for yourself if you go on a wine route. Due to the fact that this area is surrounded by national parks, special attention is paid to the care of the vine to be grown in a natural way. You can taste various wines of these areas in restaurants, taverns and there are also numerous wineries available, One of Zadar’s wines was used by some celebrities for their wedding in a luxury rental villa in Marbella.

For this reason, the people of Zadar have decided to mark their quality and well-known products with an event that takes place over two days. Therefore, if you decide to spend your vacation in Queen Beach Resort Apartments, such events will be at your fingertips. Complement your gastronomic excursions with top wines from these regions.

Zadar wine festival

Viticulture has been a tradition of the Zadar region since ancient times. The Phoenicians and Greeks were the ones who turned the cultivation of the vine into a culture. So nowadays there are already several types of varieties here. For example, maraština, debit, pošip, babić, kaštelanski crlenjak and plavina. There are also those imported varieties that are merlot, syrah and Spanish grenache white.

This festival is held every year in Zadar’s Arsenal, a 500-year-old cultural monument that in itself attracts a large number of visitors. Due to the fact that the number of winemakers in Dalmatia is growing from year to year, and for this reason, this wine festival was launched.

This festival is also of great benefit to the caterers of this area, who can decide here on the offer with which to fill their wine lists. It is important to note that the festival takes place in early April but in case you miss it you can still taste the many wines in the local wineries. In addition to tasting these top wines at this festival, you can also participate in professional workshops.

There you will have the opportunity to learn how wine is produced and learn what makes wine quality. At the same time, gastronomic specialities of these areas will be presented in various restaurants with a rich offer.

Wines of Zadar County; Wine Route

To see first hand where the process of making wine in Zadar County begins, visit the wine route. There you will have the opportunity to see all the varieties from which these quality wines are made. From these fruits are known varieties such as merlot, cabernet sauvignon and syrah.

Combined with an excellent gastronomic offer, the famous wines of these areas will complete your experience. In addition to the wine route, you can also take the oil route or the cheese route. Don’t miss the opportunity for such gastro trips. Taste the cheeses of this area obtained from sheep’s and goat’s milk that feed on aromatic better-sprinkled sea salt.

The special diet of these sheep and goats gives a characteristic taste that will surely satisfy even the most demanding palates. Then we should mention the symbol of these parts, the olive, from which a healthy, healing olive oil is produced. On these gastro trips, you can learn the difference between different types of oil and how to determine the quality of each oil. You can also taste dishes prepared with olive oil and cheese dipped in olive oil.

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