Wings for life Zadar

Since 2014, when this global project began, Zadar has hosted the Croatian edition of the Wings for life Zadar international race. Together with Zadar, the race was held in other international cities such as Munich, Vienna and the like.

More than 60 countries with a large number of participants are participating in this global race. As every year so far, Wing for life Zadar was held in our country. This year’s start was on May 5 at 1 p.m. Interestingly, this race does not have a finish line. And that’s exactly why anyone can finish it.

The goal of the Wings for life Zadar race

Namely, when paying the entry fee, you do a good deed. Also, part of the money can be donated through a charity campaign. And the main goal of raising money is spinal cord research and clinical studies.

In essence, their main goal is to explore the spinal cord and find a cure for its injuries. Wings for life Zadar and all other races as well as the organization itself are exclusively non-profit. Namely, all administrative costs of the foundation, as well as the races themselves, are financed by Red Bull.

Anyone can take part in the race itself. Most of them are people who care and who like to have fun while doing a good deed. It doesn’t matter if you are an athlete, a recreational athlete or something else. You run with the goal of helping and it doesn’t matter how long you run.

Minimum age limit

If you want to participate in Wings for life Zadar in some of the coming years, it is important to know that the minimum age for participation is 16 years. It is also important to note that all minor participants must have a signed statement from their parents.

Also, wheelchair participants can participate, and the condition for them is the same age limit. What is most interesting about this race is that there is no classic finish plane.

Namely, after only half an hour, the interceptor vehicle or the moving target plane starts. That same vehicle catches up with the race participants. The first participants to overtake, they are the first to celebrate their success. And the last overtaken participant is one of the global winners.

Although the winners can be considered absolutely everyone who shows up at the start and starts running for those who can’t.

Spectacular figures

As already mentioned, Wings for life Zadar has many participants. And internationally, that number is much higher. There are also numerous participants who could not participate in the race but were able to download an application in which they were overtaken by a virtual interceptor car.

Given a large number of participants in this race, travel agencies have also recognized the benefits and as such offer a variety of offers for race participants. Of the many accommodation units that do not even have to be in Zadar itself.

Namely, the surrounding places offer rich accommodation, one of which is certainly the Queen Beach Resort near Nin.

In addition to rich accommodation, this area also offers many sights, beautiful beaches in the bays. So that all participants of Wings for life Zadar have the opportunity to participate in the race and enjoy the charms of this area.

Certainly, anyone who can and has the opportunity to participate in this race should. In addition to the humanitarian character of the race, good fun is guaranteed.

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