Winter Tourism in Nin

Although everyone imagines Winter Tourism as skiing or sledging, here winters pass without a single snowflake. What, then, is the secret of this place?

If you have ever visited the City of Nin, then you probably know how much the winds from the slopes of Velebit have an impact on this small place. This is exactly what makes this place so special and what has led to the development – winter tourism.

Kite Surfing

Tourism experts have recognized the strong winds from Velebit as the potential to open another tourist season. In addition to drying prosciutto and Nin chocolate, the bora brings real excitement to kite surfers.

Modern tourists are looking for more and more adventures, so in this Zadar area from year to year, the number of guests looking for new experiences is growing. Many people in these areas live off tourism and this adaptation has saved the prosperity of many entrepreneurs. The business with kite surfers has flourished and you can see for yourself during every bora.

Not every experienced kite-surfer can withstand the onslaught of a bora to lift it high into the air. Then the stunts start, which are especially interesting for colleagues and tourists. The Nin lagoon is simply perfect for this extreme sport. Anyone who wants to try their hand at this sport should head right there.

Another popular destination for this sport in Scotland, but the wind there is nowhere near the Velebit storm. Also, the Velebit bora is never as cold as the Scottish winds, which is of great importance for fans of this sport.

In the future, the Nin Lagoon is also expecting the first world championship of kiters in performing acrobatics. It will be held on Ždrijac beach and national teams from all over the world are expected; Brazil, Morocco, China, Germany, Portugal and many others.

Indulge in the charms of the bora and try this exciting sport. Winter tourism in Nin has its charms, despite the fact that it mostly passes without a single snowflake.

Gastro Winter Tourism

In addition to active holidays, there is another form of winter tourism that is sure to attract all gourmets. In winter you will have the opportunity to see how the specialities of this area are prepared. Every winter, prosciutto, Nin chocolate and other dried meat products are dried on the slopes of the bora, which gives them their characteristic taste.

Drying this meat is a lengthy process that lasts between 12 months and even up to 2 years. The preparation of this meat itself is also demanding. A bora and a temperature of 4-5 degrees Celsius are expected for the slaughter of pigs. All preparation and salting of meat must also take place at a temperature lower than 10 degrees, and the same conditions are required for drying meat.

After salting and spices, prosciutto and chocolate are coated with a special mixture that protects the meat from insects. Then, the meat is placed for drying in special rooms with a flow of fresh cold air, ie a barrel.

This meat gets its aroma and the influence of smoke that is obtained by burning the wood mass of quality wood. Apart from the bora, the meat in these parts is also exposed to the influences of the south, which raises the humidity and the meat remains soft and juicy.

There are several types of prosciutto and each has a special aroma and quality. Do not miss the opportunity for a gastronomic trip in this area and the opportunity to learn something new about the preparation and preservation of meat. If you opt for this winter experience, Queen Beach Apartments will complete your experience.

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